The Ultimate Road Trips!

Lately, our Facebook feed has been filled with ideas for the ultimate road trip. Some do the west coast, some the east coast. There are even a couple that hit every state! There are SO MANY OPTIONS!

Below are some resources that have laid out the routes for you to follow. I’ve also included a couple of resources that will let you plan your own route and offer suggestions along the way. I hope you discover a great adventure!

According to science, this is the perfect and best road trip you can possibly take:

The Ultimate Road Trip To Visit All The National Parks:

America’s Best Road Trips

20 Ultimate American Road Trips!1-intro

Maps and Planners

Road Trip Route Planner, Map and Trip Guides

RoadTrip America

The American Road Trip Planner | American Road Trip Routes

This should get you inspired to plan your great road trip adventure. Have fun and safe travels!

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