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Happy Campers

We receive testimonials every week regarding our customers’ experience with our staff as well as the RV they purchased.  A large number of our customers travel a long distance to purchase their Class B RV, and we want them to feel great about their decision to visit us in Florida.

Did you recently purchase a motorhome from Sunshine State RVs? Let us know about your experience at Sunshine State RVs by writing a review.

Joan did her research, weighed out all her options, then came to Sunshine State RVs to purchase her 2017 Roadtrek Zion. She shares her experience with you.


When Jim and Chris decided to downsize from their large Class C, they knew they wanted a Roadtrek. They’ve had the opportunity to see many Roadtreks through their business Geeks On Tour. They came to Sunshine State RVs and found their perfect match!

Jim & Chris

Tony shares his excitement and his experience buying his 1999 Roadtrek.


Bob talks about his recent 2009 Born Free Built for Two Class B RV purchase from Sunshine State RVs!


Meet William and Mary Beth. These two drove all the way from Lawernce, Kansas to pick up their recent purchase from us! They were both kind enough to share their experience with us, and we give our thanks and say, safe travels out there!

William & Mary Beth

This is Hank, and Hank is a member of Roadtrek International, serving on their Board of Directors. Hank was kind enough to share with us his experience in his recent purchase here at Sunshine State RVs. Thank you, Hank, and safe travels out there!


Ron and Kathy bought their Class B RV from us a couple years back. Their travels brought them back to Gainesville, so they wanted to stop by and say hello. Check out their Video Review and learn why they chose to do business with Nick and Sunshine State RVs!

Ron & Kathy

Check out this video testimonial from Scott and Nancy right after purchasing their 2002 Winnebago Vista from Sunshine State RVs!

Scott & Nancy
Tom Schaut - Class B Review

Nick ,
Your online inventory reads:
– Has looks just like a brand new one
– You will not find one nicer

After one month of ownership and 5000 miles , please be advised this is true. The Chevy Express Van/Roadtrek 170  is impressive…smooth, efficient, comfortable, agile, responsive.

The Roadtrek components are stylish, eloquent, impactful, convenient and ample. The Roadtrek’s performance and smart operating features combine to make it a really cool package.

Nick, it was a pleasure taking three trips to Gainesville to do business with you. thank you for the courtesy of a rental car and for making this sale streamlined. A special thank you to Matt for the education, instruction and hands on training. Matt was really professional and thorough, I couldn’t have done it without him. I am now a confident and proud owner. The compliments received on this rig are amazing! So far it has taken me to places where a hotel or rental car can not.

Jim - Class B Review

We recently purchased an Roadtrek Ideal SS from Sunshinestatervs in Gainesville, Fla. Having never purchased an RV and purchasing based only on pictures I was somewhat nervous. However, everyone at Sunshinervs were professional. Nick answered my questions honestly and Matt explained the workings of the unit to me clearly without me feeling rushed. I drove the RV 1200 miles back home and it performed very well. I was a little disappointed that there were no seatbelts in the rear but I will have to take care of that later. I also forgot the power cord but after speaking with Nick it was promptly mailed to me. Based on my experience if your in the market for a RV Sunshinestatervs is place to be considered. I highly recommend this dealership.

Kitty Wolfe - Class B Review

I am so delighted with my 2013 pleasure way class B that I bought from you. It was a big step, for sure, but I am going out every few weeks for at least a couple of days, able to visit my mother in St. Petersburg without issues and hope to spend a couple of months out in the mountains this summer! You and your team made it possible; with all your help, taking care of all the little details that make me feel safe on the road and giving me phone numbers to call. Thank you so much. I have recommended you to friends and people I’ve met on the road and I can assure you, if I ever decide that I want to buy another one, I will not even consider spending another year and a half on the Internet looking for the best value… I will call you! Thank you, thank you, thank You!

Kitty W.
Judy & Les - Class B Review

Our RV gets a lot of attention, and “where did you buy it”?

We drove to the North Georgia mountains. Expressway on the way up the RV got 22 mpg. In the mountains, 21 mpg. On the way home traveling highway 441, we got 24 mpg!

We just love it, and again we loved the buying process with your company. All of you have been so helpful.

If any of your customers want to talk “in person” to a recent buyer, feel free to give them my cell!

Thanks Again!

Judy & Les
Dan Appel - Class B Review

Nick was a great sales person. When I saw the pictures of it online, I instantly knew this was the camper for us. All we had to do was negotiate a price. We did that over the phone and flew down to pick it up. It was everything Nick sad it was.

Matt did a very thorough job of going over how everything worked. We found a light that didn’t work. They got a new light bulb and fixed it while we finished the check out. This camper was a rare find. 2007 with only 8300 miles. It looks like new. Sunshine State RVs made it easy to find this gem. They will have my repeat business when I need to upgrade my RV. I highly recommend this company.

Dan Appel
The Watrens - Class B Review

We looked locally & online for over 6 months for a used Pleasureway Excel TS, Sunshine State RVs had exactly the model we wanted-a 2007 Excel w/less than 19,000 miles. All contact was by phone or online. We were pleased to find the Excel just as Nick had described.

Matt from the service department spent several hours with us to explain all the RV’s systems. We landed in Gainesville @ 10:30 am and were on the way to our first adventure by 3:30 pm. We have since spent a month in Florida & Texas and plan an extended trip to Alaska & Canada. We are very pleased with our Excel and with Sunshine State RVs.

The Watrens
Wesley B. - Class B Review

Nowadays you can buy just about anything online. Be assured Sunshine State RVs is a place you can TRUST. After a long search I found the Pleasure way Excel I wanted at Sunshine State RVs.

I am beyond happy with my experience with Sunshine State RVs. I sent a check for the full purchase price SIGHT UNSEEN. When I arrived Nick and his associates spent hours showing me how everything worked. The unit was just as described on the web and Nick’s communications. I left their lot overflowing with information and was able to have a nice Florida mini vacation in my new coach. Then I drove back home (North into the snow) I bought it for a summer vacation and I can hardly wait. I would highly recommend Sunshine State RVs to anyone wanting to by a RV.

Wesley B.
Mike & Rosie Sinclair - Class B Review

Sometimes you just get a feeling about a company. That they are great to do business with. We’d contacted Nick. He’d stayed in touch. Everything we read about them told of happy customers. It just felt right that we would buy from them.

And so it worked out that way. Buying the Pleasure-Way Excel TD was the best vehicle purchase experience we have ever had. Nick allowed us time and space to examine every inch of the vans we’d shortlisted. When we had decided, the buying conversation was friendly and uncomplicated.

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Mike & Rosie Sinclair
Richard G. - Class B Review

Outstanding experience in purchasing my Pleasureway Lexor. Everything was as described and promised, the walkthrough was thorough with a knowledgable technician, and the no haggle price negotiation was my best experience yet on this, my 5th RV.

Richard G.
William Schrack - Class B Review

On August 22, 2015 I purchased a 2007 Class B RV Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser from Sunshine RV. It had 52000 miles on it. The Mercedes-Benz engine ran perfectly on a 4000 mile trip. The entire vehicle was flawless. It was like it just came off the show room floor. Nick the sales person and maintenance staff were friendly and very efficient. You can expect to be treated far beyond your expectations when dealing with Sunshine State RV.

William Schrack

Elaine and I purchased our 2007 Pleasure Way Excel TS a year ago and we have been highly impressed with the unit and the great service from Sunshine State Rvs; specifically Nick in sales, Kevin and Mat in service.  We just returned from a 7 week trip up to the New England area, went  over 5000 miles and had absolutely no trouble with our van.! For a couple nights in September in the White Mountains it got down to the low 30s and the furnace worked great. We were asked about our unit several times and we bragged up Sunshine State Rvs big time. If your are interested in a class B or C RV, look at Sunshine State Rvs inventory and give Nick a call; you will be impressed!

Lawrence D. Downs